Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with collagraphy. Which I can best describe as a mix between collage and printmaking. The results are very effective and is a reasonably cheap way to print. The problem for most is having access to a roller press. I will not go into the whole process, so here are just a few images to look at. For a full description of the process visit this site.

Oil based ink and a tooth brush, to work the ink into the image
This is the cardboard plate I made, with the Dylan image hand cut out of it. It is then sealed with a waterproof seal. When dry after, about 3 hours, the ink is rubbed into the image

This is the first print from the plate, with full ink. A little dark, me thinks.
This is the second print, which is better.
This is the third print, which is maybe a little to light. But I am still happy with the result.
Another print I did with a winter feel to it.

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